Dating Kinky
Are you team ME or team WE?
February 16, 2022
Team ME: personal accountability and taking responsibility. Team WE: community responsibility for the safety of it's members. For me, it's team ME.
For me, it's team ME. 

However, as someone who is active in community and has seen decades of people coming into and out of kink, there is more than just every-kinkster-for-themselves. 

Because there are people who find the new kinksters, the vulnerable kinksters. There are people with patterns of bad behavior. There are people who hop from group to group or stir up shit to get people on their extreme side who might be otherwise more inclined to moderation. There are predators in kink. 

Yes, I said it. 

There are predators in kink. And those who do harm who aren't predators, but are just bumblers or bad actors. 

In EVERY group of humans, actually. No group is safe, including religions. 

And that is where team WE comes in. Where, if someone shows a pattern of bad behavior, and it is known, they are watched. Or informed. Or banned. Or shunned. Or a combination. 

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