Dating Kinky
"Go to events, young man." --->NOT always the right advice.
September 27, 2021
In a recent writing, there was some discussion about how difficult it can be to go to events, and how going to events is a privilege.
After all, it's true that going to events costs money, takes time, and there is often a dress code or invite list to get on. Maybe there is travel involved. Or, maybe all the people in your area are jerk wads. 

You know what is also true? 

That MOST people will want to connect with other people in human space, rather than online, because they trust in-person, face to face more. Even if they "meet" them online first. 

AND many of those people will enjoy doing that at events, because they will be able to mix and mingle naturally, get introduced to others by friends, have the opportunity to observe people interacting with others, and so on. 

Because when it comes down to it, that's how humans are wired.

To connect in social groups, and use them for vetting and safety. 

Not that there aren't exceptions to that rule. 

Of course there are. 

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