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What are the CO$T$ of dating? 💰💰💰
September 3, 2021
In the corporate world, we have costs of doing business. What are the costs of dating?
In the corporate world, we have costs of doing business. 

Not just the cost of whatever we produce, but the costs of everything: The salaries and benefits to each employee, the freelancer payments, the marketing, the computers and electronics, the raw goods and materials, the waste, the space to do it all in, the electricity, the internet, the website, the apps, and on and on. 

Yesterday on one of my writings, someone commented:

> What I am saying is that the effort required is imbalanced. That in general as of now when it comes to straight male to female relationships (as I cannot speak for trans issues, which again has a whole lot of extra parts) men are required to pay the financial burden of dating. Paying for drinks, taking the woman out to dinner, paying the gas so on and so forth.

My reply was:

> Ok. Let's turn this around.

> If you were to guess, what efforts do you think women have to go through for the same dating? What do they have to pay for what is expected of them?

I haven't got a reply yet, but to be fair, I'm up at an ungodly hour, and it's not expected. 

But it got me thinking about the costs of dating. 

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