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Do you even 24/7, bruh?
June 29, 2022
One of the questions I get repeatedly: "Is 24/7 right for me?" It's an easy answer, once you have all the moving parts in place: Definitions, Negotiations, Expectations
A couple weeks back, over the course of a weekend, I hosted and participated in an immersive online experience for FLR, FemDom, and Women in Charge enthusiasts. 

Over several months, I had gathered questions about women-led lifestyles, and used those questions to choose topics and presenters, and to shape my own presentation, a 6-hour workshop: Building Your Best WIC Life. 

One of the questions I got repeatedly (no surprise) was along the lines of, "Is 24/7 right for me?"

So, I figured I'd answer that. 

Because it's an easy answer, once you have all the moving parts in place. 

What moving parts? 

Well, the moving parts of:

- Definitions
- Negotiations
- Expectations

And then the answer is: Maybe. LOL! 

Let's dig into this a bit. 


How do you define 24/7? 

For me, it means that our dynamic is all the time. It never goes away. This is how we live it. 

There is never a time I cannot stop a conversation, make a final decision, give a command, veto plans—whatever. We don't set a scene for play to begin, or designate time for our dynamic. It just is. Always. 


What have you negotiated? 

I won't get into all the details of what we have negotiated throughout the years, or what we continue to negotiate.

Suffice to say that in nearly 9 years of being together and over 8 years of owning him, we have negotiated through just about everything life can throw at us. And we have thousands of small and large "rules" about how things are handled that we have set in place over the years. 

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