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Are FemDoms required to take on more emotional labor than dominants of other genders?
May 6, 2022
Quick answer: No. But they often do, and it's pretty much sort of expected of them.

I do know many feel they do. 

And probably with VERY good reason. After all, women and femmes in general in western society (and many others) are given more emotional labor than men. 

Want to know more about the science? 

Here is a search for scholarly articles:

Here is a layperson guide to some examples of emotional labor "required" of women and femmes: 

So, whether this is because we take it on, because we are considered better at it, because the genders are socialized to believe that men are neanderthals and only the women can save them from themselves, or maybe a combination of all of those thingsā€”it doesn't matter. 

What DOES matter is how the genders may CHOOSE to take on and distribute labor in their relationships, power exchange or otherwise. 

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